Project Gallery

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Artist Books

Heidi Fourie’s Artist Book Grass You Can Swim In is a limited edition publication produced in collaboration with the artist and Ame Bell of David Krut Publishing. This collectable 56-page publication is a limited edition run of 60.

The Binding consisted of 4 signatures bound together with an exposed, black thread, kettle stitch. Giving the look of an industrial sewn exposed spine. The cover was made from a 300gsm Wild Sand paper with black foiling.

To purchase a copy please contact David Krut Bookstore.


Custom Photo Album

This custom made photo album was made with 60 sheets of 25 x 35cm Munken Lynx 240gsm paper. The album also includes guards, to account for the bulk the photographs will add. Along with archival acid-free interleaves to protect them over time.

The cover is made using a hand-marbled sheet of paper with a black foiling label. The perfect wedding gift!

Custom Creations

Pocket Portfolio

This custom made organizational portfolio measure just 12 x 12.5cm and contains an accordion place holder designed to hold small lists.

Made from acid free black card stock, with black brillianta bookcloth on the cover and on the sides of the accordion for strength. The cover is adjustable to accommodate for the growing portfolio.

Product Lines

Dryad Press Notebook

Dryad Press is a poetry publishing house based in Cape Town, South Africa. These A5 notebooks consist of 48 pages of 120gsm Munken Pure paper with 10 90gsm tracing paper inserts, each including a poem from the publishing house’s poet’s collection. The notebook was an accompaniment to a poetry book collection box.

Printed Cover

Custom Notebooks

If you are are looking for something a bit more custom like a patterned cover of children’s drawings, your own designed pattern, image or logo. This is the bindery for you.

Each custom printed cover is printed on 300gsm acid free paper bound in a Half Binding, where the spine is covered in a durable black bookcloth and the rest is covered in the printed design. This method insures that the hinge of the book remains strong over time.


Clamshell Box

An enclosure like a clamshell box is one way to store books and objects in an archival manner keeping them safe from dust and sunlight.

This custom enclosure was made for a collectable, signed, William Kentridge book. Similar to artworks, artist books are just as valuable within a collection and therefore need to be cared for as you would an artwork.