Will Another House Plant Help


Will Another House Plant Help is a zine I created as a response to an article written about millennials and their house plant collecting habits. The article took the stance that we collect plants to ignore our problems. I argue in the text alongside figurative drawings of some of my house plants that we are very well aware of our problems, mainly because of the world we have been left behind. They are overwhelming problems, so sometimes to help us through it all, we need a house plant to help us bring back a little joy in the world.

Dear Journalist

I happened upon your “article” in which you endeavored to spend your journalistic energies on writing about millennials and their house plant collecting habits. You seemed to have a rather strong opinion on the matter. Do you not like plants? Do you not like millennials? Whatever your grievances, you seemed to have been of the opinion that we millennials are collecting houseplants to run away from our “problems”. An interesting conclusion to draw. How did you collect your data?

A6, Hand-bound printed zine with a unique risograph print.

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