Protea Floral Notebook


Protea flowers are the national flower of South Africa. It is in these A6 books that I celebrate these beautiful flowers that are so unique to South Africa’s ecosystem. The cover is made using a Three-Piece Bradel Binding style with a smooth bookcloth spine and waterproof printed protea design on a coloured card. Each cover colour echos the colour of the flowers. The book is made using a blank smooth, uncoated acid-free paper; perfect for writing and drawing in all media.

Book Details:

  • Bookcloth spine
  • Waterproof pigment printed floral design cover on coloured card
  • 128 blank pages of 90gsm off-white Muken Pure Paper
  • A6 book, paper size: 145 x 100mm




Bookward Bound Bindery creates each book using traditional bookbinding techniques. As a completely hand-made object, the book’s pages are sewed together with a strong linen thread. Throughout the binding process, archival materials are used to ensure the longevity and strength of your book – the perfect addition to any bookshelf.